Isabelle started travelling at an early age.  When she was eleven years old, she moved with her mother from central Germany to the Baltic Sea. Those first long train rides across Germany, gave her a taste of the vastness of this world. Kindled by the flame of excitement and discovery, Isabelle took every opportunity which was offered by her school and the government to travel abroad – she participated in school exchanges to Poland, France and the U.S.  After high school, she served as a volunteer in Indonesia for a year and went to pursue her studies in the Netherlands, which also included spending half a year in Morocco.  Isabelle moved yet again, to find a home for five years in the green and sunny city of Freiburg in Southern Germany. During that period, she discovered solo travel and explored Crete, Mexico, Israel and Sinai. A five months long motorbike trip through Eastern Europe and the Balkans followed, before she decided to leave with no strings attached. Since then, she has been living a nomadic lifestyle.  Driving a mini camper van through the U.S., Canada and Alaska by herself was just the beginning, as Isabelle does not think of settling yet.

When the eleven year old girl moved up North, her dad gave her a camera as a farewell gift. That's when she started to roam the coast and forests around, taking photos of every tree trunk and flower she found. After all these years, Isabelle has come to realize that nature, landscapes and wildlife of our precious planet are what drives her passion to travel, explore and photograph. In 2017, she organized her own charity exhibition to show her photographs of the most scenic landscapes from her motorbike trip. Today she is creating stories by placing herself in unique landscapes and taking professional self portraits shown on her @isabellejourneys account. It is a manifestation not only of Isabelle's mission to encourage other women to chase their dreams, travel and follow their innermost yearnings but it also reflects her firm belief in love, care and respect for our planet. Thus, the importance of sustainability has become a matter that is near to Isabelle´s heart and she has set herself the goal to change her wardrobe, diet and beauty products to only socially and ecologically responsible sourced goods. The eco products she finds on her way roaming the planet are shown on her @sustainhappily account to help promote sustainable fashion, conscious consumerism and a green lifestyle. As a content creator and ambassador she hopes to spread her message across countries and nations and is open to various collaborations, with the vision to leave this world a bit better than it is. 


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