Capsule wardrobe of a conscious

 full time traveler

Discover my capsule wardrobe for a sustainable lifestyle.

I have carefully chosen all of the products you see here while wandering the globe. They travel with me wherever I go. When buying new clothes and accessories, I want them to be easy matching items that are practical yet fashionable. Most importantly though, I'm always  looking for local and ethical fashion brands, eco friendly production processes, natural fibre clothing and organic as well as cruelty free beauty products.

Currently I'm partnering with Voited who produce awesome travel blankets that can be used as sleeping bags, ponchos and pillows and the best is that they are made from recycled plastic bottles!  Blue Planet Eco Eyewear is another partner of mine who makes polarized eco sunglasses, featuring a one-for-one project.  Use my code below the photos to get 20% off your purchase.

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