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Ways to travel for free

How have I managed to spent many months on the road, living only off my savings? There are a few ways to travel long term with these options.

Housesitting for free accommodation

My absolute favorite has become house sitting. It allows me to live in the most popular cities around the world and spent time with my favorite pet. I managed to live in San Francisco, with a view to Alcatraz from my bed, spent three weeks in the best quarter of Vancouver, did long term house sitting in Australia in a remote tourist area by the beach and stayed in central Melbourne.

Take care of a pet and have a whole house to yourself

The only thing you should keep in mind is that you should be loving dogs and cats and take this responsibility seriously. People trust you with their loved pets that are like family to them and you should only consider this, if you are willing to discover the area in bits day by day.

Priority should be the happiness of the animal you are caring for and while I had incredible experiences, I also had some uncomfortable ones, as a pet turned sick, I had to clean carpets and wake up at night and stand constant barking.

You will see though, the good will overweigh the bad and if you sign up on the international house sitting site trustedhousesitters.com, use this link to get 25% of your yearly membership fee. It will give me an extension of a free months too and will provide you with opportunities for house sitting worldwide :)

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree - find travel partner

The thorn tree forum founded by the famous Lonely Planet guide, is a forum to exchange on travel advice but also a way to find a travel buddy, who would like to share the cost for a trip or just don’t want to travel alone.

Share a trip and save costs

To make this work you will have to plan ahead and I strongly advice you, to make a video call with this person first and prepare some questions to check if you two are a matching travel duo. Think of the things you like doing when you’re traveling, the music you like to listen to, the food you like eating.

Posing these questions will allow both of you to imagine, if you could embark on a (road) trip together as many decisions need to be taken and many compromises made. Thus, if you are the adventurous outdoorsy type but your travel partner only likes to go as far as the visitor center and take pictures, you are not a match.


Get to know locals and stay a couple of nights on their couch. This is a great way to meet new and local people and stay for a couple of nights on someones couch.

Rarely you’ll have your own room and for the female solo travelers among you, I highly suggest to only stay with other women. There is also a new facebook group, called “Host a Sister“ that connects female travelers with each other.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful for you or if you have any more questions!

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